How has COVID 19 changed the life of a common man or woman?

How has COVID 19 changed the life of a common man or woman?

This pandemic has shaken up the world and has shaken the health foundations of most countries. This virus has affected every individual indiscriminately, but there are different outcomes of the viruses effect on both men and women. Whether it is the best drivers are the prime ministers of the countries, nobody has been able to fight a proactive from the virus. It has been affecting every common man and affecting the health condition and the general lifestyle of every individual as well.

The economy and the health care of the countries are on the verge of collapsing, but also the common individual has in suffering a lot. COVID 19 had a terrible effect on most individuals. People have lost their jobs, and most women are dealing with depression and anxiety due to thisnCOVID 19 situation. The women and men are also dealing with the financial crisis and a lot of other issues because of the COVID 19. There is our creative risk of depression and Mystic violence because of the pandemic a situation.

There is a greater rate of sexual assaults, and domestic violence cases have also been reportedn because of the economic and lockdown situation faced during the lockdown period. Most men have faced a variety of Mental Health issues, which resulted in domestic abuse for women.

And the issue of sexual assault in domestic violence is just the start, and it is not taking good care of terrible mental health conditions. The problems of sexual assault and violence will increase and elevate in the future and can destroy many societies social and cultural norms.

The loneliness has also taken a toll on many individuals during the lockdown period. The locked and situation was a necessary step that had to be taken for every individuals safety. But due to this lack of contact between the people, it has lead most women towards isolation period and mental health conditions.

For some people, old habits Die Hard, which is why even because of the rule of social distancing, some individuals are still not practicing. This is the reason why more people are contracting the virus, and the virus became the pandemic.

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